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Technology & Security Audit

Are your systems up-to-date with the latest protective software?

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How secure is your network?

When was the last time you assessed your vulnerabilities? And if your system were attacked, what would the cost to your business? Technology & Security Audit services from CommTech provide valuable insight into the risks facing your company’s networks, and how to correct them so that you can work smarter, faster and better.

We all know all too well, from frequent high-profile security breaches in the media, that IT security is now an essential component of your company’s business continuity planning. In the event of an attack, you would lose not only time and revenue, but also your hard-earned reputation – not to mention potentially being held liable for the data lost or stolen.

Introducing Technology & Security Audit solutions from CommTech

Technology & Security Audit solutions

Our Technology & Security Audit solutions include network assessments that will review your current equipment and connections in order to determine methods to improve the way you access, store and use data. Based on the outcome of our audit, our various networking solutions will redefine the way you do business and help you be more efficient and productive.

The CommTech team will also perform a thorough security audit of your systems, to establish whether you are at risk of a breach. A sound security assessment can save your company thousands of dollars, by addressing problems before they occur. We’ll put your network through aggressive penetration scans, develop and implement effective company-wide security policies, and in the process save you time and money by helping keep your business safer.

Comprehensive services tailored to your industry-specific needs

With the growing worry of compliance with regulatory requirements – particularly for those in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and organizations working in medicine and covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) – CommTech’s cost-effective solutions will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you are in line with industry standards and not at risk of fines and penalties.

And if you’ve ever wondered whether Unified Communications and Telepresence tools like VoIP and video conferencing might be a good match for your business, we’ll tell you that too. Our Technology & Security Audit services will analyze your current communication methods in order to determine whether you could save time and money by putting the latest and most cutting-edge telepresence techniques to use.

Covering every aspect of your business’s technology requirements, and giving you full reassurance that your security needs and obligations are covered too, CommTech‘s Technology & Security Audit solutions are all that’s necessary to take the pressure off running your business – and let you get back to doing what you do best.

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