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Monthly Customer Highlight: Oracle Lighting

By October 19, 2016May 24th, 2022No Comments

When Oracle Lighting started in 1999, it was just a hobby in Justin and Tiffanie Hartenstein’s garage. The word spread about their phenomenal car lighting customizations, and so grew their popularity and demand. Following Hurricane Katrina, they decided to take the plunge and make their hobby a full time career. With the addition of a growing office, full time employees, and international clientele Oracle saw the need for Complete IT Services. Due to our VCIO mentality, Justin and Tiffanie agreed CommTech would be the best fit to join their team, and we have proudly been managing Oracle’s Complete IT Services from upgrades to advanced security measures since 2013.

These measures are particularly important as they grow from a small business to a large business. Oracle now has two offices, one located in Metairie and a second one in Houston, Texas, and an international clientele list that reaches as far as the United Arab Emirates and Germany. Tiffanie says their continued growth and success is due to their commitment to stay ahead of the competition. Tiffanie and Justin are always looking for what’s going to be the next trend and embrace it before others do. Their hard work has paid off as evidence by their incredible business growth and the amazing recognition of being on INC 5000’s List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies for seven consecutive years.

There seems to be no limit for Justin and Tiffanie as they continue to expand their specialties to include residential and business lighting solutions, in addition to the auto lighting customizations that started everything back in 1999 in a garage. Tiffanie understands one of the best ways to continue this success is to keep the internal staff motivated and driven. Her strong business sense has allowed her to see what is necessary to cultivate positive change within the company and lay out a structured set of principles and values to help motivate the staff. CommTech’s work behind the scenes ensures Oracle’s staff is able to work smoothly and efficiently, and in turn helps cultivate the positive change they desire.