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Managed IT Services Lafayette

Technology management is a chore; sometimes, finding experienced personnel to handle your technology seems challenging. Our Managed IT Services Lafayette team’s high level of expertise is geared to match your technology needs and provide IT services you can rely on.

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Comprehensive Managed IT Services Lafayette

We take care of your end-user experience and optimum business productivity, so you don’t have to.

Helpdesk IT Services

Give your business the top-of-the-line technical support it deserves, whenever your employees need it.Our IT services experts at managed IT services Lafayette provide you with bilingual help desk IT services 24/7, so you can get immediate technical assistance whenever you need it.

This results in much faster problem resolution times with first call resolution guaranteed through our service level agreements. Bringing us on board means you will finally get the peace of mind you have craved all these years so you can focus fully on the business and innovation side of things. CommTech’s helpdesk IT services provide on-demand on-site assistance and remote access for desktop, email, and business application issues around-the-clock.

IT Infrastructure Management

When there is an IT emergency, you want reliable people around you to get your business back up and running in no time. IT specialists at CommTech take care of all your computer repairs, patches, system maintenance, and other services proactively.

We can support you with both remote and onsite services with a highly experienced, Lafayette-based temporary or dedicated IT service team. We can also help you find some of the best technologies and take advantage of hundreds of long-standing vendor relationships to find software and hardware packages at prices and terms that you simply won’t get from other managed service providers in Lafayette.

Email Security

We have specially devised managed IT solutions for email that lets you whitelist the contacts you want to hear from and filter out spam and other unwanted messages. Our security experts understand the sensitive nature of email security as it remains the preferred mode of choice for malware and other cyber attacks by malicious actors. With our secure emailing systems, all inbound and outbound messaging are encrypted so the contents cannot be compromised even if the defenses are somehow breached.

This means that your data always stays private and secure and attackers can’t hold you to ransom when they don’t know what to do with the data that they have intercepted. We also constantly update your employees on potential email security threats and train them to recognize red flags in email communication to prevent cyber attacks and data compromises.

Offsite Backup

We provide an image-based backup solution that automatically backs up your data every hour with offsite synchronization for effective disaster recovery. Irrespective of the nature of emergency you may face, whether it’s a natural disaster or a server crash, your backups remain secure.

Our solution effectively works as a backup server that can bring your entire service back online within an hour. This is a far cry from comparable solutions offered by peers that make use of outdated backup solutions and result in delays of 48 to 72 hours to get your operations back online.

Disaster Recovery

The more prepared you are for a disaster, the better the chances are for your business surviving it with minimal impact. CommTech’s secure data backup and recovery plan covers you from the drastic effects of disasters and helps you to normalize business operations at the earliest.

No matter the nature or the duration of the disaster, we keep your valuable data safe and accessible and get your systems in normal operations back online with zero to minimal disruption to services.

Antivirus & Antispyware

Our cyber security strategy has you covered from the most virulent virus and spyware out there. We constantly update our security strategy to repel the ever-evolving threats and protect your business from ubiquitous ransomware and espionage attacks. We protect you through regularly updated and highly effective staff training modules, state-of-the-art monitoring and remediation services.

Our strategy is hinged on multiple layers of data protection that ensures that the bad actors cannot get to your data even if they somehow manage to infiltrate a portion of the network. This makes the data virtually useless to them even if they succeed in breaching primary defenses and your highly valuable business and customer information remains secure.

Desktop support

Cloud migration has immense cost savings and efficiency potential for virtually any business. We can help you nail down on the right cloud strategy from the start so you see the ROI quickly, improve team collaboration and productivity even in remote work or hybrid environments and skip entire stages of growth cycles as your company learns to quickly scale through flexible, scalable solutions that adapt to your unique business needs.

Cloud can also enhance your overall security posture and resilience as the secure cloud data centers allow you on-demand access to business information while storing it offsite. This means your data remains available even in the case of large-scale disasters. Cloud also helps you to roll out security updates across the enterprise seamlessly, and cut the time and effort required on regular maintenance to a mere fraction.

Server And Network Upgrade

Replacing aging or legacy hardware can be a cumbersome process that requires expensive capital outlay. CommTech’s cloud solutions allow you to bypass the problem with access to the latest and most reliable technology that require ZERO capital outlay.

This enables you to perform server upgrades on time, reducing the risk of server crashes. So now you don’t need to put off server upgrades. When you delay replacing old servers, you increase the risk of server crashes. Since all the necessary resources are hosted in the cloud, transitioning to an upgraded network is seamless and much less time-intensive.

IT Asset Management

CommTech IT service management can help you keep your inventory up-to-date with proprietary ITAM solutions that cover everything from product life cycle mapping, shipment tracking and warehouse services.

Benefits of Managed IT Services Lafayette

IT Managed Services have proved indispensable for companies looking to edge ahead of the competition. This is particularly true for small businesses who understand the growing need for efficiency in IT management, but don’t have the necessary resources to truly leverage their IT strengths or address the palpable talent crunch in the industry.

Moreover, full-time employees are always expensive and the annual salary of a talented and experienced employee can easily go into six figures per year. Budget constraints and the lack of experienced and qualified staff can often overwhelm company operations. This is where companies can breach the yawning gap between larger players in the industry and companies that are just starting up or raring to go into the next growth cycle.

Advantages of Managed Services Providers Include:

Reduced IT Costs

Engaging Lafayette managed IT services is one of the most proven ways for companies to save on costs. This is achieved through increased efficiencies in your business processes and incremental savings through less resources required on completing tasks in daily operations and long-term business projects.

Another source of major savings comes from Managed IT service providers providing their services at a fixed monthly rate and empowering you with the ability to tweak usage based on your actual needs. This helps you improve scalability as you can scale on demand without investing in building up your infrastructure or letting it remain idle during lean seasons.

This also improves predictability in defining your monthly and annual IT budgets so you can prepare for them in advance. Putting together all of this, you can expect a significant amount of savings with managed IT services as you reduce the use of internal IT infrastructure, get rid of maintenance expenses, and labor costs and more in the long run.

Better Allocation Of Resources

Thanks to the overall lowered need for resources in your IT operations, you can re-purpose those by directing them towards improved business efficiency and technical innovation. These generally turn out to be more high-return/ high value business tasks, such as, improving the user experience through better customer service or developing new products.

Centralized Management

Managed service providers can assist you in centralizing your disparate network applications and servers into a single data center. Having a comprehensive, centralized oversight can help you gain an in-depth and immediate visibility across the length and breadth of your operations, faster speeds, improved accessibility even with remote work or hybrid models and safe mobile and web access points so your employees can connect to your network no matter where they are.

Leverage The Latest Technology

Technology is a relentlessly evolving field and one of the chief advantages of managed IT is that your business can get access to the absolute latest and greatest in enterprise technology without any capital outlay. More importantly, you will be guided by some of the best strategic technical and business minds in the country as to which technologies are actually the best fit for your business and operations model – instead of simply chasing fads. Managed IT Services Lafayette ensures that your IT systems stay current even when the next technological wave hits. You will always have access to cutting-edge, industry-leading technology at highly flexible rates.

Realize Your Vision For Zero Downtime And Enhanced Productivity

Your customers have no time for service disruptions. That means you don’t have time for service disruptions. MSPs can help you edge ahead of unexpected system failures and shutdowns by building in resilience and redundancy into your operations. When your business processes move seamlessly, your employees and customers can finally focus on what matters to them. The results are a stellar increase in productivity, seamless customer experience and better bottom lines.

Increased Data Security and Compliance

Outsourcing your infrastructure requirements can also help you implement a much more robust security framework across your infrastructure. MSPs are required to follow stringent safety and data management regulations which makes them experts at improving the defenses of virtually any business systems. They provide you with SLA-backed guarantees on highly resilient backup and disaster recovery systems. This is generally a much safer bet on ensuring business continuity than entrusting your valuable business and consumer data to a small in-house IT team with few resources and on-site storage.

Our IT service team to ensure your company’s IT network and applications remain compliant and continuously updated to maintain complete security. This enables you to have a significant peace of mind when it comes to actual disasters or emergencies. To reiterate, MSP can enable the highest degree of protection your current infrastructure is capable of at affordable, flat-rate packages. They also offer you the flexibility to customize your package based on your current business needs.

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quote-iconCommTech is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach.

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The Importance of Lafayette Managed IT Services That You Can Count On

Achieve zero downtime

System downtime is a true pain in the neck for businesses as it impacts productivity, profitability, employee morale, service reputation and ultimately, the bottom line. In a nutshell, the less frustration your customers and employees face while associating with your business has a direct correlation to their experience of your company. Once this reputation is damaged, it can be hard to fix. This is why, as an MSP in IT Services Lafayette, we focus on delivering zero downtime to our clients. It’s an ambitious target, but one we have managed to achieve with clients by ensuring that their systems remain optimally efficient, secure and up-to-date.

Ensure Security

The spate of recent ransomware attacks has left many businesses feeling helpless and forced them to invest (much more than they had foreseen) in just ensuring the security of their network and operations.

And it’s completely understandable why many businesses are doubling down on security. After all, a single security incident is enough to permanently cripple or even shut down businesses – irrespective of size.

As a long-term managed services provider, we understand that the threat of security incidents does not just come from external threats – threats can come from anywhere including hardware failure, software loopholes, employee carelessness or lack of security training, data loss and more. We proactively address issues before they can turn into a problem for your business.

We also make use of enhanced security features that enable us to anticipate and mitigate the risk of attacks substantially. We build resilience into your central infrastructure, help you deploy policies that prevent potential data abuse and manage security risks, build redundancy in your data storage and have detailed policies and procedures in place to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity with minimal impact on services.

CommTech is synonymous with reliability

We are often referred to as the most dependable Managed IT services Lafayette. And that’s a responsibility we take seriously. Irrespective of the severity of the issue, as our client, you will get instant support. You will always get a human being to answer the phone when you call us and we have a XYZ percentage of first-call resolution. If we cannot resolve your issue over the call, we will immediately dispatch experienced local IT specialists to get you the help you need onsite.

Strategic IT Planning

We believe that having the right technology on board can actually unlock potential opportunities for businesses. IT services Lafayette constantly monitors your technical capabilities in order to help you plan the next steps in its natural evolution. We don’t just upgrade your systems and let them run. We are continuously fine-tuning our technical strategy for your business so you can continually improve on achieving new heights of productivity and efficiency. We guide you every step of the way and offer unique and scalable technical solutions for long-standing business and technical problems. With us in your corner, your business will scale greater heights than even you imagined possible.

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We Handle all IT Help Desk Services

  • Routine monitoring
  • Remote desktop troubleshooting from our data centers
  • Help desk phone support
  • Server and network support
  • Standard operating system support for both Windows and Mac
  • Personal computer repair, laptop repair, software and hardware repair by a knowledgeable repair technician
  • Help and support for computer networks
  • Specialist support for complex server and network projects
  • Computer training for your staff by a desktop services technician
  • Help with cloud computing issues

Achieve your goals with Effective Technology

Improve your Company’s Functionality

Our flexible IT services solutions allow you to choose the level of assistance you need, so that you can find the right technician and the right support for technology that serves your needs better. We believe that effective Desktop Support identifies the products and services that will help improve your company’s functionality and ultimately your bottom line. That means there is no one-size-fits-all package of support; our technicians work to help you achieve your company’s specific goals.

We can also function as your Chief Information Officer (CIO), offering long-range IT consulting and planning, development, and implementation of new IT and telephone system solutions. Whatever your company’s needs, CommTech can help you achieve your goals with effective technology.

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