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IT Support Lafayette is the helping hand you need to get out from being snowed under. Empower your employees to get the technical help they deserve. Our IT support company is focused on delivering the maximum business value through 24/7 IT Support. We will make sure that your business and technical systems run like clockwork.

Exemplary IT support at a fraction of the cost

Helpdesk IT Support

Gain back the control of your core business processes with our Managed 24/7 Help Desk Support. You no longer have to sweat over the small affairs of day-to-day operations or managing your software and hardware.

Get complete peace of mind knowing that your IT environment is safeguarded by a crack team of experts and certified professionals in the IT Support industry.

Application support

We understand that you want your business applications to remain always available, reliable, and able to support evolving business needs. CommTech provides a full suite of support and maintenance services for business applications of different types and complexity.

Our application support relies on the philosophy of creating sustained value. We achieve this through pinning down the right application management strategy for your business along with time-tested methodologies and tools that result in the maximum value return for your enterprise resource planning system.

CommTech prides itself on being more than just an application support service provider. Once you get us on board, we will work tirelessly to optimize your business processes, implement new processes and the amendments with an eye to reduce overall business costs.

Server support

Issues and problems with your servers can cause shutdowns which result in expensive downtimes and losses in productivity. Most importantly, these can result in service disruptions and lost business opportunities with customers.

Your business needs servers that guarantee uptimes. CommTech’s highly experienced team of experts provides end-to-end support for server setup, installation, support, monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs.

Desktop support

From asset inventory and license management, patch management, image-based backup and recovery, system optimization, and monitoring – our desktop support services are designed to meet and exceed your specific business and technical needs. We try to minimize human intervention in the process as much as possible to avoid errors and delays.

For desktop monitoring, for instance, an agent installed on the computer that directly alerts the relevant team in case of emergencies. This takes the onus away from employees to pay attention to technical issues while these are resolved on priority in the backend. Needless to say, this improves your overall productivity and efficiency and your bottom line.

Mobile device support

Every company today is faced with the difficulty of maintaining security in a mobile device environment with a wide range of devices. CommTech’s Mobile Device Management Services deploys strategic Mobile Device Support Services that enable a full lifecycle, step-by-step approach to select, deploy, manage, support, and refresh a complex network of enterprise and consumer devices.

Our mobile device support includes platform-agnostic first-level support (Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry) including on-demand troubleshooting, reporting and solving complex issues as well as second-level support. We also include support for suppliers, incidents, changes in settings and solving in specialized SW (HP Service Manager or similar), new OS versions, updates and more.

Disaster Recovery

Remaining operational during disasters has become an increasing point of concern for businesses. Moreover, once the disaster is over you would want to resume normal operations at the earliest. In the case of disaster recovery nothing works as well as being prepared and being proactive.

We specialize in providing disaster recovery services and our track record is a guarantee that your data and mission-critical systems will always remain secure and accessible during and after a disaster. Our disaster recovery services have your business covered with thorough risk and impact assessment, strategies and procedures, staff training, and regular maintenance.

System upgrades

Businesses always need help with a continuous cycle of setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing technology systems. Whether you need help to connect computers to each other or need help to troubleshoot your router, or software applications, or other hardware including tablets, smartphones, servers, printers our technology support service is here to help you out for every minor and major issue.

Network auditing

One of the key components of effective monitoring of your IT infrastructure is adequate network auditing. This ensures a fast and reliable network at your place of operations with a safe, efficient connection between your server and desktop or router.

Our company specializes in reviewing network performance, tracking inventory, assessing risks, providing regulatory and compliance documentation, and more. Essentially, we make sure that your business network is performing optimally across the board. For further troubleshooting, we also offer extended network support and network management services.

24/7 remote monitoring

We specialize in providing bespoke Remote IT Support Services to Fortune 500 enterprises and smaller, private organizations. Our in-depth expertise in remote support technology, methodology, process, and staffing is unmatched in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Businesses empowered by our service desk regularly report a remote issue resolution rate of over 85% which is way beyond the industry average of 68%. This results in significant productivity gains for your business in the long term. Our 24/7 support team works on the basis of ITIL-based processes. This is enabled by our proprietary and patented SaaS-based technology that is built for efficiency at scale.

Backup Monitoring and Testing

Our IT technicians can help your business achieve a marked reduction in risk and help identify blind spots with intelligent backup reporting consolidation across 300+ supported platforms. Our closed-loop service ticketing integration automates your remediation process thereby dramatically reducing costs, time required and scope of error.

IT support for PCs and Macs

IT support Lafayette provides professional IT support for enterprise hardware including PCs and Macs, phones and tablets. What differentiates us from other computer support service providers is that we operate on a principle of providing the maximum value for your investment, zero pressure sales tactic, and will leverage our connections to get you the absolute best deals.

For some of our long-standing customers, CommTech has managed to save more than $25,000 in infrastructure upgrades, thanks to a well-designed IT strategy in server and system upgrades.

Cyber Security

Our IT Support Services in Baton Rouge can help you set up and maintain Security Operations Center Support for top of the line operational security. The Security Operations Center (SOC) acts as the centralized location of your business’ information technology network and empowers your system, and application monitoring capabilities.

The Security Operations Center will supply you with log and incident aggregation, attack logic application, malware engineering, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention capabilities. We will help you map your IT environment so thoroughly with our 360-degree security assessment that you will have a crystal clear understanding of potential vulnerabilities and risk mitigation strategies and automated response plans.

Our team features some of the best cyber security minds in the country and we are constantly updating ourselves and innovating at the back and to keep you ahead of evolving cyber security risks. Most of our customers have experienced a dramatic downturn in cyber attacks targeting their businesses.

The CommTech IT Support Difference

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quote-iconCommTech is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach.

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Why Choose CommTech for Lafayette IT Support

With us in charge, your tech needs are covered for life

Whether you want to maintain an in-house team or not, CommTech will effectively become your company’s IT department. We will enable comprehensive monitoring for all your technology so your operations remain secure and shielded from all vulnerabilities and attacks. Our integrated security monitoring shields you from virus infections and network intrusions and we proactively suggest and implement relevant technical solutions for your business.

Spend even less than you think you should

Maintaining an infrastructure can be costly. If you don’t keep a strict eye out, your bottom line can easily get impacted. Your best bet is to have a reliable partner who knows how to get the most optimal value for your business without cutting corners. Commtech ensures that your enterprise technology is always up to date, secure, reliable, and redundant. Our processes are mostly automated which enables automatic problem resolution and allows us to significantly cut down on cost, time and errors while still retaining quality human points of contact that your employees can benefit from. We supercharge your IT strategy, business processes and get you the absolute best value in hardware and software packages thanks to the depth of our relationships in the industry. All of this is available to businesses of all sizes at a flat monthly rate that will have you struggling to believe how much value we manage to provide in such a lean bill!

Not just technical brilliance, but commitment towards growing your business

You don’t just want a Tech support company to take care of your infrastructure. You want an active business partner consistently on the lookout for capitalizing on growth opportunities for your business. We are dedicated to enabling our clients to achieve the maximum benefit from the cutting edge of enterprise technology. We don’t make suggestions or implementations blindly. Each technical solution is vetted thoroughly for best business fit and value addition. We will ensure that your business technology is always updated, secure, reliable and redundant. Beyond keeping your business running at optimal efficiencies, our commitment extends to helping your business grow beyond projected figures.

A single, dedicated POC to take care of all your technical needs

While the entire team at Commtech remains at your disposal, we simplify communications through a single dedicated account manager. This helps us to streamline communications, especially in situations when you need urgent help. This manager is solely dedicated to your account and is available on demand to discuss issues, new innovations, implementing new technologies, and tweaking existing tech solutions and support to optimize value delivery for your business. We are the best name in providing consistent IT Support for Small Businesses in Lafayette.

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