Cybersecurity Tips for Employees: Webinar Series

In this webinar series, we take a deeper dive into our eBook “Cybersecurity Tips for Employees: The Complete Guide to Secure Behavior Online.”

When developing cybersecurity programs, many businesses focus on protecting their infrastructure perimeter and device endpoints. After all, that’s where cybercriminals usually first gain access and wreak havoc on a company’s digital access.

But it’s also important to consider what happens when a threat bypasses perimeter defenses and targets an employee—in the form of a malicious email or text, or even a voicemail that might prompt an employee to respond with confidential company information. There’s also the possibility of an offline attack from inside the office, where an employee or an office visitor might gain access to valuable data by quickly taking something carelessly left on a desk.

We can’t stress enough the importance of security awareness training for internal employees. Educating them on what it takes to protect proprietary documents and data is critical. Any leaks— unintentional and intentional—could hurt the business in the form of information that assists a competitor, violates regulations, or harms the corporate image.

Click the links below to view the webinars.

Chapters 1 & 2: Physical Security Precautions & Email Threats

Chapters 3: Username and Password Management

Chapter 4: Mobile Security