Videos from the Gulf Coast Data Breach, Security, and Privacy Summit – 2019

“Cyber Security Liability Update: Buckle Up” - Presented by Ray Areaux (Carver Darden Law Firm)

“The Real Cyber Threat Landscape” - Presented by Mike McAplen (8x8) and Darryl d’Aquin (CommTech)

“Social Engineering Demonstration” – Presented by David Derigiotis (Burns & Wilcox) and Nicholas Michler (CommTech)

“High Tides of Compliance” - Presented by Jacqueline M. Brettner (Carver Darden Law Firm)

“Cyber Hygiene” - Presented by Joe Grettenberger and David Snow (NetDocuments)

"Corporate Data Security" – Moderated by Duane Barnes (Cox)

"Risk Management Perspectives" – Moderated by Jacqueline M. Brettner (Carver Darden Law Firm)

“Cyber Recovery” – Presented by David Finley (Dell EMC)

"General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), A Year in the Life" – Moderated by Ray Areaux