What is SD-WAN (software-defined WAN)?

SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) deploys an appliance at the edge of a site to aggregate one or more internet circuits via encrypted and bonded VPN tunnels. It can also be used in a hybrid solution with MPLS.

SD-WAN can be used to aggregate bandwidth, perform real-time analysis to optimize usage of multiple circuits, tie into existing cloud exchanges, provide security features, provide ease of management, and be used in rapid deployment.

With the adoption of Public Cloud Services and Bandwidth-Heavy Applications, legacy WANs like MPLS are struggling to keep up.

A Fully-Managed SD-WAN gives businesses:

  1. The ability to use Cable Access at branch offices for faster network speeds and lower cost per megabit.
  2. Better visibility into their network. Network administrators now have the ability to see how an application and their network are performing on a real-time basis.
  3. Quicker turnups at new offices. New locations can be turned up in 30 days vs 90-120 days.

CommTech partners with CenturyLink, Windstream, Sprint, Massergy, Nitel, and all major SD-WAN providers. SD-WAN is not an all or nothing architecture. It allows you to keep the investments that you’ve made in your network - such as firewalls and phones.

For more information on SD-WAN, watch the webinar below.

Webinar: SD-WAN… What is it and why should I consider it for my business?


According to Forrester Research, 64% of US-based companies are planning to implement or expand implementation of SD-WAN over the next 12 months. Join our panel of experts from leading SD-WAN providers CenturyLink, Windstream, and Intelisys and learn more about this exciting technology.


  • Business Challenges with today’s MPLS and IPVPN WANs
  • What is SD-WAN? How is it different from MPLS and IPVPN?
  • D.I.Y.S, (Do It Yourself) SD-WAN vs. Fully Managed - what is best for your business?
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  • Darryl d’Aquin – President, CommTech
  • William Dudley – Sr. Engineer, CommTech
  • David Kelly – Nat’l Channel Manager, Windstream
  • Mark Hornady – Nat’l Channel Manager, CenturyLink
  • Rob Dallas – Cloud Engineer, Intelisys