Disaster Recovery and Backup

Could your small business survive without its key data? It’s unlikely - information is at the heart of every modern, small business and without it, you could quickly be forced to close down. You might not encounter a major disaster, but even smaller incidents can cause data loss serious enough to have grave business consequences.

CommTech helps protect you from the worst, with strategic and proactive Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions that help ensure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

Our Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions include:

  • Strategic planning - centered around your business’s unique characteristics
  • Data backup and recovery - to ensure your most critical files are bullet-proof
  • Speedy file and email recovery - getting you back to work quickly
  • Failed server virtualization - cutting downtime to the absolute minimum
  • Remote offsite storage - that ensures your data is secure and your business compliant
  • Built-in archiving - that saves you money and increases reliability
  • Round-the-clock management - takes your mind off your data security

A strategic combination of planning, prevention and protection is the only way to truly ensure that your business is prepared for whatever comes its way. Let CommTech ensure that’s exactly what your company has in place.

Disaster Recovery Checklist

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Recovery

One hard lesson our region learned in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is the importance of New Orleans disaster recovery. If a natural disaster, fire, or some other situation made your office inaccessible or destroyed your computers, how would your services offered be affected? Would you be able to pick up where you left off and carry on your business from a remote location? If the answer is no, it is time to create a disaster recovery plan with offsite back up. CommTech offers far more than New Orleans computer repair service when needed; we help businesses develop and implement strong disaster recovery plans with the necessary equipment & systems to ensure their success should they ever be needed. Once the plan has been set in motion, our team will put your disaster recovery plan to the test. We then work with your company to fine tune the program until your business continuity is assured, whatever may come. Whether you are a small business, a mid-sized company with several branches, or a large enterprise, a solid network and server disaster recovery and backup plan is absolutely essential.

CommTech has re•Defined disaster planning to help keep your business functioning and operational during and after a disaster. As the most trusted name in IT in the Greater New Orleans region, let CommTech help you work smarter, faster and better with proper disaster recovery planning.