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We are the first and last names when it comes to IT Consulting Lafayette. We provide highly strategic customized IT consultancy services for businesses across industry verticals and sizes in Gulf Coast.


Our firm comprises some of the top IT Consultants and in-depth industry expertise that enables us to offer strategic guidance on the key topics in IT management, including cloud strategy, IT budget planning, risk management, disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning, IT assessment, strategic planning, and communications and carrier services.

Some IT Consulting Firms might offer you a cheaper deal, but we guarantee the best business value in Technology Consulting that results in savings and productivity gains. Over the years, we have enabled our clients to achieve strategic gains in IT Consulting Services to the tunes of hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s a much better deal than pinching pennies looking for the cheapest IT Consultants. If you’re looking for solutions to long-standing business and technology challenges, CommTech is your best bet.

Take your pick from our bouquet of IT Consultancy services in Gulf Coast

Complex IT project planning & Delivery

For each client that we take on board, we design customized strategies from scratch based on the customer’s unique requirements. We work with you to deliver projects in the short and long-term, but our vision is directed towards your five-year and ten-year business goals. We strategically build, design, and position your infrastructure to be able to carry out your business version and deliver and fully support the delivery capacity of your infrastructure. We achieve this through strategic budgeting, planning, and road-mapping that minimizes risk reduces worries and achieves better time and cost efficiencies associated with your IT projects. All our efforts are directed at building long-term relationships with clients and we are highly adept at right-sizing our project management approach and processes to fit the exact requirements of our clients. Gulf Coast IT Consulting Services will empower you with a comprehensive project execution strategy that will enable you to reach your desired business outcomes at lower costs, risks, and greater efficiencies.

IT Strategy Roadmap Implementation

As outlined above, our engineers are dedicated to working with your business in order to come up with an effective IT strategy that bridges the gap between your business goals and your technological capacity. We will ensure that your technology remains always available and capable to meet and exceed your business needs.

Cloud Services Consultancy & Adoption

It’s easy for third-party consultancy services to always promote cloud migration for your business. What’s hard, however, is to find and pin down the right cloud strategy and implementation methodology that will provide the most business value in both the short and the long term. IT Consulting Services in Gulf Coast will assist you in identifying the best SaaS, Private, and Hybrid Cloud solutions for your specific business needs.

Network Security Consultancy

We guarantee security for all our clients and constantly beef up your defenses to let you stay ahead of evolving attack patterns. We understand that despite security being a core need for operational safety, most businesses can’t afford to spend as much as multinationals on strengthening their security measures. Our network security consultant can help you actively reduce the need for multiple security products. We will help you develop an effective data security strategy that covers the security of your people, processes, and technologies.

Ongoing IT Advisory Services

Issues and problems with your servers can cause shutdowns which result in expensive downtimes and losses in productivity. Most importantly, these can result in service disruptions and lost business opportunities with customers.

Your business needs servers that guarantee uptimes. CommTech’s highly experienced IT experts provide end-to-end support for server setup, installation, support, monitoring, diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs.

Technology Migration

We can help you deliver your next big project at half the cost and headache with relevant and timely technology migration. We specialize in helping clients migrate their existing applications from legacy systems and obsolete technology to the most efficient technology solutions available to them – all without causing any significant process, workflow and productivity disruptions.

Business Continuity Analysis

Disasters can strike at any time. Your best bet is to prepare well in advance and run through the motions repeatedly so your employees know exactly what to do and how to react when the emergency strikes. We can help you design an effective business continuity plan that can keep your critical systems and processes functioning during and in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. We will ensure that your business data remains secure and available during emergencies so you can resume operations under normal conditions at the earliest. Our promise is to guarantee you the complete peace of mind your business deserves.

BYOD Planning & Delivery

While BYOD can truly unlock savings and improve business productivity many times over; it comes with many inherent dangers about networking security and keeping your data safe. We will help you plan your BYOD policy strategically and implement it across the length and breadth of your operations with our IT Consultancy services.

Virtual CIO Services

CommTech’s Virtual CIO Consulting Services is top of the line when it comes to industry insight and technical guidance. We can help your business get the competitive edge it deserves by providing you with cutting-edge innovation and thought leadership in our Technology Consulting that sets you apart in the industry. Most importantly, we can help you navigate the quickly evolving and complex technology landscape, help you plan well ahead of migrations and upgrades, and develop a visionary multi-year IT roadmap. With our Virtual CIO service, you are guaranteed to stay a step ahead of the technological revolutions that always seem to be in the offing.

Threat Protection

In this day and age, cyber security and threat protection should be quite as central to your business strategy as your growth plan. We are lucky enough to have some of America’s best cyber security minds and IT Consultants on our team. This ensures that our threat protection programs are constantly updated to respond to the newest threats and your business stays protected and data remains secure throughout the years.

Cost Reduction across the board in IT

IT Consultants

24/7/365 Availability

No matter what day it is or what the situation is – our team is always available to help you. No matter how big or small your problem or technical issue or when it arises, Local IT Consultants will figure out a way to help you.

productive work environment

Overshoot Productivity

Our focus on lean innovation can get you to meet and exceed your productivity targets quarter after quarter. We can help you enhance your productivity without compromising on quality. Build a hyper-productive work environment without losing sight of your overall business growth and vision. According to recent data, most of our long-standing clients have experienced a productivity boost of nearly 50% after bringing our team on board.

Proactive Assistance

Proactive Assistance

If there is a defining trait to our service, it would be our team’s persistence in delivering proactive solutions. We know the value of solutions that are delivered before an issue can become a problem. We can help you address your most persistent business needs at the earliest so your work processes never get impacted.

technical expert

Industry-leading technical expertise

Use our certified, industry-leading technical expertise to set your business apart with a defining, innovative edge that serves as your brand signature. We don’t just make you chase the latest and greatest in technology recklessly, but take care to strategically implement new innovations that can foster growth in your specific business case scenario. You will be hard put to find other IT Consulting Services in New Orleans with a comparable range of expertise and domain-specific depth of experience.

Specialized Talent

Specialized Talent

When we say local, we really mean it. 100% of our IT Consulting company workforce is made up of locals in New Orleans. You will never get stuck with an answering machine when you call us. While we pride ourselves on automated processes, we know the value of having reliable and known faces around you in a crisis. That’s why we take care to have all of your business needs managed with a local, dedicated manager. Furthermore, we guarantee best-in-class talent when it comes to sourcing from the industry. You can always rest assured that we will have the absolute best hands on deck when it comes to servicing your business needs.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction across the board in IT

By relying on us to streamline and automate your business processes, we will help you free up both your time and resources. This lets your core staff off the hook from the grunt work of daily maintenance and free to refocus their energies on moving the needle in the right direction when it comes to driving growth and innovation. We will also help you actively plan for your infrastructure budget, so that you can complete your projects and upgrades including ‘milestone investments/ deployments’ well within set boundaries. Our reputation for cost efficiency in IT Consulting Services is a top selling point for our recurring clients who value the savings we manage to pile up for them over the years. This, of course, is accompanied by industry-leading strategic guidance, proactive predictive maintenance, monitoring, and comprehensive security.

Increased Security

Increased Security

Speaking of security, you might also appreciate our IT Specialist’s consistent efforts to ramp up your security posture. We take the privacy of client data to be sacrosanct and secure it right at the level of the SLA, so you never need to worry about data integrity again. We also conduct regular staff training and constantly evaluate them on their learning so they always remain abreast of the latest risks and risk management strategies.

Message from CEO

quote-iconCommTech is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach.

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CommTech IT Consulting

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IT Consulting Management

IT consulting

Aligning your technological capacity with your business vision

Our intuitive understanding of the basic business functioning of specific domains puts us at a unique advantage for supplying your business with strategic insights. We understand your challenges better than you do and can help you overcome them through technology.

CommTech prides itself on being more than a technology advisor. Our IT consulting services in Gulf Coast align your technology to help achieve your business vision within the desired timeframe.


Leveraging your technology strengths

Our IT consulting process is geared towards providing benchmarks and ROI for your technology strategy. This applies irrespective of the outcome you are trying to achieve, such as deploying a new business application, cloud migration or deploying a security solution.

Prior to deploying any solution, we make you understand the exact implications on the business process through a before-after comparison.


Transforming your IT into a business enabler

Apart from helping you drive a complete transformation in terms of technological capacity, we also transform your technology to become the primary driver of your business.

This is also in line with the overall attempt to align your IT budget to your business’ priorities. We will help you break through long periods of stagnation and plateaus to achieve new heights of growth at scale.

CommTech IT consulting will usher in an endemic change in positive business productivity, performance, cost reduction and improved security.

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