Is your Business Disaster Proof?

If a disaster should strike tomorrow, is your small business prepared? Having a disaster plan is a key component to your company surviving a catastrophe.

According to the Association of Small Business Development Centers, more than 1 in 4 businesses will experience a disaster in any year. Forty-three percent of those without a disaster plan never re-open, and only 29 percent are still open after two years. Emergency preparedness is easy and affordable and protects your company’s future in a crisis. Safeguard your business by following this simple checklist:

  • Regularly save documents and files to portable devices such as flash or external drives.
  • Do not leave your backup data next to your regular systems.
  • Scan paper copies of critical documents for electronic storage.
  • Use online/offsite storage (such as CommTech’s CloudSync) for essential documents and records.
  • Develop and test an IT DR plan taking into account the priority of your corporate applications and how long they can be down before impacting business operations.
  • Develop a plan to remain in operation that would accommodate local, building or regional disasters or an evacuation.
  • Identify your property’s vulnerabilities, such as a low flood plain or frequent power outages, and create a plan that covers these obstacles.
  • Ensure that critical business functions are remotely accessible for business continuity in the event your offices are closed due to a crisis.
  • Review your insurance coverage, noting that basic insurance does not cover flood damage.
  • Examine your policy’s business interruption insurance.
  • Collect employee contact information including cell and home phone numbers and set up a communications plan to contact each other.
  • Create a contact list for important suppliers and vendors. Include account numbers and critical software license keys.

When a disaster strikes, you cannot afford to have your IT systems down for days or weeks. You need to be serving clients and customers throughout the catastrophe.

Hoping for the Best, Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Recovery

One hard lesson our region learned in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is the importance of New Orleans disaster recovery. If a natural disaster, fire, or some other situation made your office inaccessible or destroyed your computers, how would your services offered be affected? Would you be able to pick up where you left off and carry on your business from a remote location? If the answer is no, it is time to create a disaster recovery plan with offsite back up. CommTech offers far more than New Orleans computer repair service when needed; we help businesses develop and implement strong disaster recovery plans with the necessary equipment & systems to ensure their success should they ever be needed. Once the plan has been set in motion, our team will put your disaster recovery plan to the test. We then work with your company to fine tune the program until your business continuity is assured, whatever may come. Whether you are a small business, a mid-sized company with several branches, or a large enterprise, a solid network and server disaster recovery and backup plan is absolutely essential.

CommTech has re•Defined disaster planning to help keep your business functioning and operational during and after a disaster. As the most trusted name in IT in the Greater New Orleans region, let CommTech help you work smarter, faster and better with proper disaster recovery planning.