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CommTech Managed security services

With over 30 years’ collective experience in the IT Security Services sector, we are well-versed enough with threat and defense patterns to anticipate and proactively manage your business’s cybersecurity needs.

We can act in a strategic advisory capacity, or we provide hands-on implementation and ongoing management services.

Our Motto

Leading enterprise-grade security solutions need not necessarily be out of budget for cyber security for small businesses.

Our motto at CommTech is to simplify highly complex technical solutions for cyber security and implement cutting-edge technical protection for businesses across sizes and industries.

Our comprehensive range of IT Security services are carefully designed to serve niche business and industry requirements.

What we Believe

With our managed security services, you are guaranteed to stay ahead of complex and evolving technical and regulatory compliance frameworks.

We believe we have a responsibility to protect data from unethical usage and empower businesses to protect their business-critical and customer data.

We have the best cybersecurity experts in the country and we guarantee that your business will not only survive, but thrive despite the growing number of cyber threats – thanks to our foolproof Business Continuity strategies.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Services

Network Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is essentially a form of ethical hacking where our cybersecurity experts try to push beyond the limits of your organization’s network defenses. Our penetration testing system is CREST accredited and safely simulates real-time cyber-attacks to effectively detect vulnerabilities inside and outside your defense perimeters and eliminate loopholes. This kind of testing is an annual requirement for most organizations that need to keep up with regulatory compliance. But it should be conducted more frequently for organizations that are trying to constantly improve their security posture and stay ahead of evolving threats. Once the tests are done, we supply clients with an in-depth report that doesn’t just identify loopholes, but offers a simple-to-understand and detailed cybersecurity strategy on how to mitigate the risks associated with each. We also suggest additional measures for optimizing your Network Security and enhancing your security posture. Penetration testing processes include:

  • Multiple Network Password attacks
  • Simulated Phishing attacks
  • Testing for VPN and Remote Access
  • Testing Application Security
  • Wireless Network Security and Firewall Configuration and rule sets
  • Portable Device Testing
  • Testing Web Server Security and Infrastructure

Managed Cyber Security Packages designed with your business in mind

Our highly flexible, yet comprehensive cyber security packages are designed to protect all your enterprise devices, endpoints, email, and staff. Most importantly, our security packages can make it easy for your business to manage cyber security with simplified processes and straightforward solutions and recommendations.

Firewall Management

Firewall Administration and maintenance can often be a hassle for organizations, especially when they’re running short of adequate expertise and talent in IT. Commtech makes complex Firewall Management easy as pie by taking complete ownership of day-to-day Firewall management with trusted Network Security experts on our team and ongoing support for most reputed hardware brands.

Our Firewall Management Services cybersecurity strategy comprises of:

  • Firewall configuration and deployment
  • Availability and performance monitoring and reporting
  • Rule and policy implementation
  • VPN Configuration
  • Scheduled updates
  • DMZ implementation
  • Backup and recovery

Management of Incident Response

With rising rates of cyber security incidents, it’s imperative for organizations to properly plan for incident response, so they don’t go into panic mode when an actual incident happens. The most crucial part in this is to ensure business survival through business continuity and also how quickly the organization can get back to normal operations without any significant impact on customer service or production.

Disasters can come in all shapes and forms, whether natural or man-made. Chance at surviving disasters is to prepare in advance specifically for different kinds of disasters including fires, floods, human error, sabotage, espionage, hardware failure or cyber-attack. This can be done through our highly rated backup and disaster recovery solutions that New Orleans businesses have relied on for years. We deliver our premium BDR services through highly secure and redundant backup of your mission-critical and customer data, on site, and off-site in data centers equipped with professional security systems.

Even while we are restoring your operations, you will have the option to continue working as normal from the backup server.


Regulations and compliance frameworks are getting stricter in almost every industry and we understand just how crucial it is for businesses to meet industry regulations such as FCA or PCI.

In order to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements, we leverage technical solutions for your business to maintain compliance. We rigidly adhere to the strictest data security standards so our clients and their customers always remain secure.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss isn’t just a cyber security risk. It can cause real business damage and reputation loss. Severe data loss can even be detrimental to business continuity and customer retention. We have designed a series of intelligent Data Leakage Prevention applications that minimizes your scope for data loss and helps you maintain GDPR Compliance.

These applications in IT Security services focus on the following:

  • Implement access management and control for devices by type, model and serial number
  • Block storage devices (allows read only)
  • Automated data encryption, monitoring and blocking
  • Security access control

Patch Management

Our Managed IT Support Service takes care of all necessary updates and patches your business applications and operating systems may require. This helps further minimize cyber security risks by addressing existing vulnerabilities. Apart from hardware and software, this also extends to end-point Antivirus and Malware protection.

Dark Web Monitoring

Our Cyber Security Services monitoring service can protect your business through round-the-clock monitoring using both human and automated intelligence to perform checks on the dark web and open web sources.

Essentially, IT Security services can act as an identifier for the presence of sensitive company information on the dark web. If your organization has been compromised or customer or employee data has been stolen, evidence for that it’s pretty much bound to show up in our dark web monitoring.

Breach Management Service

CommTech’s one-stop Breach Management Service simplifies the need for vulnerability management with regular internal vulnerability scanning, external vulnerability monitoring and scanning of remote and cloud devices. Even though penetration testing does provide an accurate picture of an organization’s defense capabilities with a particular focus on vulnerabilities – they remain up-to-date only till the point of the testing.

Our comprehensive vulnerability management systems in cybersecurity strategy go a step further. Leveraging the in-depth security management expertise of our team members, we compare results with top vulnerability databases to check for configuration vulnerabilities, gaps in patching procedures and End of Life (EOL) software, and more.

Our vulnerability reports are highly actionable and guide you on the next steps to build and effectively deploy strategic measures to mitigate the risk from these vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Services for SMEs in Baton Rouge

Our team has a cumulative cyber security expertise of 30 years. Our team is composed of Industry stalwarts who specialize in niche areas of defensive tools and strategies. We have built up a veritable cornucopia of defensive strategies, testing, risk mitigation and risk prevention solutions that companies can take advantage of.

This will help them to significantly reduce attack surface, do away with the risk of data loss, improve risk mitigation and risk prevention and achieve or maintain GDPR Compliance.

Our Cyber Security Services are of particular benefit to SMEs for whom cyber security management can almost seem like an impossible task. They need the right skill sets, manpower, technical prowess and extensive resources necessary to implement cutting edge cyber security solutions.

We are here to help you with


Devise Strategies

These are the businesses we take particular pride in servicing as we devise strategies to build and deploy multiple layers of security across their infrastructure while adhering to strictly limited budgets.


Cyber Security Policies

We also help you build and implement effective IT and cyber security policies, help foster a culture of security-mindedness through regular training and simulation activities and make sure employees can identify red flags and know what to do in emergency scenarios.


Exceed Compliance Regulations

We help you meet and exceed compliance regulations, adhere to client confidentiality and stay on the right side of the law and policies on data retention, usage and deletion.

Contact us now in order to understand the full scope of our managed cyber security solutions and how it can benefit cyber security for small businesses.

Message from CEO

quote-iconCommTech is dedicated to setting new and higher standards of community and customer service, motivated by pride in our work and a hands-on friendly approach.

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Why work with CommTech?

24/7 Managed Security Services

We don’t take breaks. Our IT Security services have your business covered any time of day or night, throughout long months and years. We provide you with a crack team of local, homegrown talent to look after your core needs 24/7/365. Our remote Cyber Security Managed Service is available on demand and has a first call issue resolution rate. In the unlikely event that we cannot sort out the issue immediately, we dispatch local technicians to help you out onsite without any delay.

Easy to understand cyber security packages

With our cyber security solutions, you are guaranteed access to the absolute cutting-edge technology, industry trends, advanced threat detection and expertise that lets you determine the right technical strategy for your company to achieve your business goals. Best of all, all of this is available to you at flat rates and highly flexible and convenient packages that scale as per your business needs. Zero hidden fees. Zero hidden terms and conditions. Supreme convenience and peace of mind. Guaranteed.

Breach the gap left by talent crunch in the industry

In any conversation about New Orleans Cyber Security, you are likely to come across rampant concerns about the lack of industry-ready talent and skills. While we are still far away from finding a holistic solution for the problem, businesses have to keep running and the best way to do that for your business is to engage a managed services provider. They can help you secure your defense posture with long-term cybersecurity strategies and automated protocols and responses in the case of a security incident – all at affordable rates for cyber security for small businesses.

Engage the best team in New Orleans Cyber Security

The passion for technology and finding solutions to complex technical problems runs deep in our blood. Our IT security specialists are some of the best minds in the country who are regularly consulted in the case of major breaches. Imagine the peace of mind you can get from knowing that those people are in your corner thanks to US cyber security companies! With Commtech Cyber Security Services, you have the luxury to simply focus on growing your business and product/ service innovation.

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Find out how having us team up with your existing IT department can help you meet technology challenges and grow your business without the prohibitive costs.

Security and Compliance

The obligations placed on your business by industry-specific regulations can be confusing and cumbersome - and you’ve got better things to spend your time doing. CommTech takes away the pain, with expert solutions that give you the peace of mind of knowing everything is taken care of.
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Technology & Security Audit

Our Technology & Security Audit solutions include network assessments that will review your current equipment and connections in order to determine methods to improve the way you access, store and use data.
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