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How safe is the data in your business? Have you securely backed up all important
data away from the eyes of hackers?

Cloud services for small business increase the security present in your business’ IT systems. Threats and cybersecurity issues are prevented and eliminated using the latest cloud services solutions.

CommTech will effortlessly migrate your data to the cloud, monitoring and managing the cloud services New Orleans needs.

We will implement cloud services benefits that will produce optimal scalability, growing your business from strength to strength.

When utilizing services for cloud computing, your security levels will surge as threats are preempted. Your data is secure and backed up and cannot be lost or stolen, no matter what!

New Orleans Cloud Managed Services

Cloud services for business are the future of the way you handle and manage data. Power outages and unpredictable weather problems can result in lost data and internet connectivity issues.

Backing all data onto the cloud protects your data and your client data. Your business can continue operating regardless of what disruptions occur. Use CommTech’s services for cloud computing and increase the efficiency and security of your business!

Cloud Computing

CommTech offers cloud services solutions that you will love! Cloud computing will allow your files and software to be stored safely, perfect for the remote and hybrid workforce. Your business will not need to purchase in-house servers which are expensive and require maintenance. Additionally, cloud computing allows data to be migrated easily, offering a quick

Cloud Backup Services and Data Storage

Saving your data the traditional way does not offer enough protection in today’s digital world. You must back up data to protect and secure valuable information. Cloud backup offers a variety of versions to be saved so you always have a copy.
CommTech will check your backed up data for any issues that are concerning. With a sea of hackers and malware on every system’s horizon, our cloud services will protect against threats.

Cloud Applications

When you install software into your computing system, you need to ensure sufficient space is available and updates are completed. However, cloud applications enable software to be stored locally and will work across several devices.

Threat Protection

In this day and age, cyber security and threat protection should be quite as central to your business strategy as your growth plan. We are lucky enough to have some of America’s best cyber security minds and IT Consultants on our team. This ensures that our threat protection programs are constantly updated to respond to the newest threats and your business stays protected and data remains secure throughout the years.

Team Collaboration

Cloud services aid team collaboration, enabling your teams to work remotely or in a hybrid environment. When we transfer data onto a cloud services platform, data will be accessible to all employees. Communication is enhanced and project efficiency is increased!

Cloud Monitoring and Management

As leading cloud services providers, CommTech will monitor your cloud services and anticipate new threats and issues. Adopting a proactive stance, we will remain one step ahead of the problems, saving your business money in the long run!
We are dedicated to monitoring and managing your cloud services for small business, handling every threat early and succinctly.

Using the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365

As a cloud services specialist, CommTech will integrate Microsoft Office 365 into your cloud. Apps can be downloaded easily, providing online and offline capabilities. You can use Azure AD to increase cloud services security, utilizing features such as multi-factor authentication.

What Cloud Solutions Do CommTech Offer?

CommTech offers cloud services benefits that are second to none in the cloud services industry.

Cloud Services: Optimal Scalability

What is the IT operation strategy in your business? Whatever strategy is in place, we will tailor cloud services and security to
meet your needs. Optimal scalability is a key deliverable of our cloud services business model.

Cloud Architecture And Design

Cloud services architecture and design are delivered in alignment with your needs. We ask you what you want, and develop strategies around the desired solutions.

Cloud Migration

-We will effortlessly migrate your in-house system onto the cloud, using expert skills to deliver a professional cloud migration.

Monitoring And Management

Our cloud services use the best monitoring tools available to manage your system effectively, pre-empting possible issues from arising!

Cloud Strategy And Consulting

Our consultative strategy will assess what you need from our expert cloud services and deliver your perfect strategies.

Why Choose CommTech’s New Orleans Cloud Services?

CommTech offers cloud services New Orleans loves! We can save you money whilst providing optimal scalability, enabling your business to grow from strength to strength!

Cost Savings

Moving data to the cloud saves you money in contrast to using an inhouse server. We will monitor possible problems and threats to prevent significant issues from arising! Updates are quick and you never have to worry about storage availability.


CommTech’s security for cloud services is expertly executed. We protect your data and prevent hacking and phishing, signaling you to monitor alerts. CommTech’s cloud services and security measures will create a safe place for your company data and
valuable information.


We offer many cloud services types that can be tailored to meet your company’s needs and business objectives. We consult you and discover what you want, providing you with a choice of cloud services examples to choose from.


Use a cloud services platform to increase the mobility of your company. Allow team members to access data remotely and when using a tablet or smartphone. Work efficiency will increase as messages can be sent and received faster, with work completed much quicker.

Competitive Edge

When utilizing cloud services companies hold a competitive edge. Your systems work faster and are more efficient!


Cloud services provide your business with sustainability benefits. Your business will use less power, fewer servers, and fewer carbon emissions! Cloud computing is revolutionizing business for the future!

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You can rely on a customized service that will listen to your needs, delivering the best cloud services to your company system! Get in touch with CommTech now and find out what services for cloud computing are available to you!

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