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CityBusiness Best Places to Work 2016

By December 12, 2016May 24th, 2022No Comments

This month, CommTech has been honored by New Orleans CityBusiness as one of the Best Places to Work 2016. We accepted our award at a luncheon on December 2 alongside some other outstanding companies such as 1st Lake Properties, Inc. and Eskew+Dumez+Ripple APC.

Now we all know CommTech is a complete IT managed services company. We can help your company build its IT infrastructure from the ground up, install VoIP services, and help with daily network management. But we’re much more than that. We have huge personalities and we’re passionate about what we do. That’s what makes us stand out to CityBusiness.

So, who are we? We are an eclectic bunch who loves to have some fun together. An annual tradition is taking one Friday afternoon off for a fantasy football party. We gather in the board room with our laptops and a pile of chicken wings, and engage in some lively banter as everyone tries to craft the perfect fantasy football team. This year’s winner will receive the coveted fantasy football trophy, and bragging rights for the year.

While the fantasy football party has been a longstanding tradition, this year we had our first ever pumpkin carving contest. Everyone’s creative sides really came out that day, and so did their competitive sides since prizes were up for grabs. Some people gasped in horror as they realized they cut out the wrong piece of their pumpkin, and that was followed by boisterous laughter when everyone became aware of the other’s misfortune. In the end, three top winners claimed their prizes and the office was lined with an array of jack-o-lanterns.

When we’re not competing, we’re pushing each other towards success. When we see someone succeed and reach a goal, whether that goal is inside or outside of work, it’s congratulations all around. We love to watch everyone at CommTech grow professionally and personally.

In addition to employee gatherings and parties, we also partake in some smaller joys in the office. It is not uncommon at all to come to the office on Friday and be greeted with fresh hot doughnuts. We all take turns treating the office because we LOVE doughnuts probably more than we should. As the marketing manager, I also keep the office festively decorated year ‘round. So, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or Easter you’re sure to find some sort of wreath on the door or trinkets on the front desk.

Our wide range of personalities makes CommTech the company you know and love. We take pride in our work but also remember to have fun. The December 9th issue of New Orleans CityBusiness highlights us, as well as all the other honorees. Be sure to grab your copy, and read the great article Tommy Santora wrote about CommTech. Thanks, CityBusiness for recognizing us!