Secure Data Solutions: Prepare Your Small Business for a Data Breach

It seems as if no business is safe from falling victim to a data breach anymore. Target, Apple, Ashley Madison and a host of others have found themselves at the arms of hackers looking to steal, sell and compromise confidential information and data. And it isn’t just big companies either, in a recent study, it is reported that 55% of local businesses in the United States have experienced some form of security breach.

Helping Your Help Desk Help You

Despite the average person's growing knowledge of technical information, many workers still rely heavily on their company's help desk to resolve any and all computer related issues that arise during the work day. It only requires an error message to pop up during an important presentation for people to realize the necessity of having a help desk at their beck and call.

5 ways to become a smaller target for ransomware hackers

Hacking for ransom is on the rise — on pace to beat out last year’s figures — and hits people where it hurts, locking them out of files, photos and critical records until they pay hackers a bounty to restore their access. Hackers bait users to click on infected email links or open infected attachments, or they take advantage of outdated and vulnerable systems.

Sneaky Spammer Tactics and How To Avoid Them

Spam is a problem on the Internet, coming at us from just about every angle of the online space. Some spammers develop sophisticated, well-planned strategies, while others can be sloppy and still drive results. Either way, spam tactics come in a variety of shades, and it’s up to users to identify signals early on and avoid unsolicited content.

5 Tips on Windows 10 privacy protection

Long gone are the days where private information (like vault combinations and the name of your high school crush) are kept confined within a padlocked journal. Speculation has been circulating that Windows 10 gathers more info than it should. Whether or not you think privacy lines have been breached, here are some tips to protect your privacy in a matter of clicks.

Demystifying the Top 3 Concerns about Cloud Phone Solutions

There are many reasons organizations are turning to cloud technology. It’s flexible, scalable, offers cost savings and has the mobile features to meet your business and employee demands. But what about your phone system?

You may be considering updating your phone system to the cloud, but have concerns about security, control and risk.

Scared of Speaking? 5 Tips for Better Public Communication

Widely known as the #1 fear among Americans, public speaking can be a scary thing. According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute, about 74% of people report they have some form of speech anxiety. That’s the feeling you get right before a big presentation or speech that produces symptoms like sweaty palms, an upset stomach, and maybe even body trembling.