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In today’s competitive global market, businesses need technology that enables flexibility and cost-effectively adds value to their organization. Internet-based (“Cloud”) hosted services provide a way to meet these objectives. They deliver feature-rich productivity tools to users while helping to re­lieve the burden of managing and maintaining business systems—freeing up IT departments to fo­cus on initiatives that can deliver true competitive advantage.

What’s New In Tech?

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Perhaps in response to the Google Android operating system’s rapid growth and open app development style, Apple has announced they are relaxing their controversial restrictions on software development and will allow any and all developer tools.

Introducing the ShoreTel Small Business Edition

Introducing the ShoreTel Small Business Edition
It’s never been easier to upgrade to an Enterprise Class VoIP Phone Solution

ShoreTel has been supplying enterprises with brilliantly simple and reliable IP phone systems since 1998 – helping organizations improve communications and increase their productivity.

What’s New in Tech?


Steve Ballmer at Microsoft’s World Partner Conference discussed Microsoft's upcoming push into the tablet market.

“This year one of the most important things that we will do in the smart device category is really push forward with Windows 7-based slates and Windows 7 phones,” he said.

What is the “Cloud” and should you be IN it?

As the concept of cloud computing evolves, it may be a good time to begin looking into the competitive advantages it can offer your organization. With any new technology there are also some common concerns to be aware of.

The “cloud” is a general term used to describe technology and services hosted elsewhere and are delivered on-demand over an internet connection.

Microsoft’s Answer to the iPad

Is this the iPad Killer?

Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal'
With the tablet PC market heating up, Microsoft might be setting the bar with the rumored Courier. More than just a notepad, the Courier acts like a journal - hinged in the middle - with two screens that function independently at times, but are also able to interact with each other allowing very neat drag and drop functionality.