Happy Holidays! From CommTech

The Holidays are here, and while we all look forward to a couple days off work and spending time with our family, we understand business emergencies happen and will remain On-Call.

Our business office will be closed Monday, December 26 in observation of Christmas, and Monday, January 2 in observation of New Year’s Day.

Gone Phishing

One of the most common and easily deceiving forms of social engineering is email phishing which is an attempt by someone posing as a trustworthy entity to gain access to sensitive information like credit card data.

Customer Highlight of the Month: Eskew+Dumez+Ripple

Allen Eskew, founder of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple (EDR), worked in architecture for many years and got his big break after he successfully acted as Project Director for the World’s Fair in New Orleans in 1984. With a keen eye for design and years of experience under his belt, he founded EDR in 1989, and any local would instantly recognize his first signature project – The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas.

Cybersecurity: It Starts at your Desk

Everyone has heard about the basics of cybersecurity like create a strong password and don’t open emails from a strange address but most people don’t mention where it all starts – at your desk. Good cybersecurity is just as much about your physical precautions as your cyber ones.

CommTech’s Favorite Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps. We all have them, and they range from our favorites that we use daily to those we only use under certain circumstances and the infamous “why in the world did this come as a stock app on my phone and why can’t I delete it?!”

I recently asked my coworkers at CommTech for some of their favorite mobile apps and received a lot of great answers.

Monthly Customer Highlight: Oracle Lighting

When Oracle Lighting started in 1999, it was just a hobby in Justin and Tiffanie Hartenstein’s garage. The word spread about their phenomenal car lighting customizations, and so grew their popularity and demand. Following Hurricane Katrina, they decided to take the plunge and make their hobby a full time career.

Monthly Customer Highlight: Ogden Museum of Southern Art

The Ogden Museum of Southern Art has become a gold standard in the New Orleans art scene. Opening its doors to art lovers and neophytes alike since 2003, the Ogden Museum has showcased various local and internationally renowned talents to help bring the best of visual art to the American South.

5 Innovative Wireless Solutions on the Horizon

Finding the right wireless solutions for your business means keeping abreast of the innovations as they come down the pipeline. The speed of technology means that there are new wireless options for virtually every purpose being developed every day. The following are 5 innovations that are in their nascent stages, or even just visible over the horizon that have piqued our interest:

Mobile Virtual Networks

Back in March, Google announced their plan to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). That means they would be able to route data as well as voice calls through both cellular and WiFi networks.

The High Cost of Not Doing Anything About Your Phone System

When was the last time you upgraded your phone system? 7 years ago? 10 years ago? Or was it so long ago you’re not quite sure?  Your aging phone system may be costing more than you think. Not only do you have higher resource costs, higher maintenance costs, infrastructure costs – you also have outdated features, limited mobility capabilities, and fragmented applications and tools.

Still Not Doing Anything? Chances Are Your Competitors Are

So you’re considering making the move, and you know that your competitors may already be ahead of you, but did you know 74% of companies are already evaluating Unified Communications (UC) in the cloud? Additionally 51% of companies plan to increase their cloud spending in 2016. It’s not just any cloud phone system that you need - you need a cloud system and provider that gives you the speed and agility to drive more business, gives you advanced capabilities, and isn’t complicated.