Microsoft Unveils New “Surface” Tablets

Jumping into the tablet market with a bang, Microsoft announced a pair of "Surface" tablets running Windows 8 and expected to compete directly with the Apple iPad.

The "Surface" sports a large 10.6 inch display, USB port, and an innovate Touch Cover with two options that either includes a touch-sensitive keyboard or a thicker cover that with a built-in track pad.

LinkedIn Password Breach

It's been reported that hackers have accessed up to 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords and the data has been posted online. It's not known yet if corresponding usernames or email addresses have been compromised.

Researchers believe that 60% of the passwords have been cracked with the rest likely to be cracked soon.

ShoreTel Expecting Continued Growth as IP Telephony Leader

CommTech has sung the praises of ShoreTel IP Telephony for many years due to its low Total Cost of Ownership, simplicity, and ease of use compared to all other IP Telephony solutions. It's the solution we use and recommend.

One other consideration when making a decision on an IP Telephony should also be the financial stability of the company whose solution you're purchasing if for no other reason than ensuring that your system will be supported for years to come.

Google Chrome Now the World’s Top Browser

According to the Irish metric firm StatCounter, Chrome surpassed Microsoft's Internet Explorer with Mozilla Firefox coming in third and Apple's Safari in 4th.

Still, other measurements have IE far ahead of Google.

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Cloud Technology Tipping Point is At Hand

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We wanted to pass along an interesting and insightful article that may be of interest to you regarding the future of the cloud and some thoughts on recent advancements and the direction cloud technology is moving.[fancy_divider]

Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand

Steve Rosenbush - Deputy Editor - WSJ

The economics of cloud computing are driving down the cost structure of business so far and so fast that it's scary, Google CIO Ben Fried says.

New Ivy Bridge-Based Servers Announced by Dell

Touting 53% more performance than a 20-watt Sandy Bridge Xeon CPU, the new PowerEdge C5220 Ivy Bridge-based server with more power-efficient processors should allow for fewer servers in the datacenter.

Read more about the new Dell servers here


CommTech is the Greater New Orleans IT leader with over 20 years experience working with both small and large businesses.

CommTech Disaster Recovery Checklist

If a disaster should strike tomorrow, is your small business prepared? What if your were forced to evacuate for a hurricane or other natural disaster? Having a disaster plan is a key component to your company surviving a catastrophe and CommTech can help![divider]
According to the Association of Small Business Development Centers, more than 1 in 4 businesses will experience a disaster in any year.

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Looking for a Cheaper Alternative to the iPad?

[pullquote_left] Products like the Amazon Kindle Fire have proven that you don't have to spend $500 to have a useful, fun tablet computer. [/pullquote_left]


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You don't have to spend $600 to get a decent tablet. Check out these lower cost tablet options that will save you some cash, but make sure to read the reviews so you don't end up with a $300 coaster.

Hackers Continue to Win Against US Corporations

[pullquote_left] "I don't see how we ever come out of this without changes in technology or changes in behavior..."[/pullquote_left]

The US continues to struggle to protect corporate networks from hackers according to recent Wall Street Journal Article.