Happy Holidays! From CommTech

Happy Holidays! From CommTech

The Holidays are here, and while we all look forward to a couple days off work and spending time with our family, we understand business emergencies happen and will remain On-Call.

Our business office will be closed Monday, December 26 in observation of Christmas, and Monday, January 2 in observation of New Year’s Day. Our technical team will be working On-Call hours 8am-10pm during those days. Tickets can be created either by emailing help@commtech.com or by calling 504-200-1313. All emails sent to help@commtech.com will receive an auto-notification to the user with a ticket number. The ticketing system then sends an email to all help desk technicians, the duty manager, the on-call technician and service delivery manager alerting them that a new ticket has been created. If you prefer to call, please follow the prompts of the automated system and leave a voicemail. The voicemail is turned into a .wav file and generates a ticket notifying the same resources as if you wrote an email. The system is checked within every hour for new tickets.

Please note, this is an On-Call process and not a standby process. All tickets entered are automatically entered as priority 3 and will be treated as such unless indicated that it is a business impacting emergency. If a ticket is marked as an emergency, a response can be expected within two hours of submittal.

We understand that businesses do not stop just because the holidays come around. We strive to always provide you with the best-in-class IT services so you can rest assured should any emergencies arise we are available to take care of it.

We sincerely wish everyone Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2017!