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2 Cool (and free) Microsoft Office Apps for iPad or Android

By December 31, 2012May 24th, 2022No Comments

Many of you have been trying to find the best way to create and edit Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your iPad or Android device. Well we have a couple of good solutions for you!

The first is CloudOn. This is our first choice because it allows you to decide where you want to store your files. CloudOn integrates with DrobBox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. Our tests show CloudOn working pretty much like a native application.

You can learn more and download the app at

Another neat solution is OnLive Desktop. It’s similar to CloudOn as it brings up a virtual desktop. Our issue with OnLive Desktop is that, at least for now, you need to store all your documents with OnLive rather than have the ability to choose where your keep your docs. This could certainly change in the future.

OnLive Desktop could be where the future is moving and is one to keep an eye on as it basically gives you a Windows 7 desktop on your iPad or Android. Check out more at

– The CommTech Team